Top 10 tips for preparing for Diwali in English

Top 10 Tips for Preparing Diwali in english, diwali the festival of light, is perhaps the best known Hindu festival, it is especially associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and symbolizes the beginning of India’s financial year.

For the best celebration of Diwali, be sure to follow these simple steps:

Spring is clean and a good mattress

Cleaning, washing and washing all your clothes is known as the “cleaning” ritual.
This is to ensure that the house is ready for the arrival of the gods.

Decorate your house

Decorate with more colors and lights.

Bells, wreaths, hanging walls and lights are a fun addition to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Traditional Rangoli designs with floral, leaf and animal shapes are most popular at the entrance.

Light bulbs every night during the festival.

During the evening, small oil lamps, known as ‘diyas’, are lit and placed around the house.

Shop for brand new dress

Who wants to appear in clothes last season? Am i right
It is time to shop for new clothes.

Prepare a festive meal

Making sweets, snacks and flavors is a Diwali tradition and is often given as a gift.
So wear your apron and prepare for the oven for something tasty!

Make firework awesome

Fireworks are commonly used during ceremonies to ward off evil.
But, make sure you save them for the actual Diwali day.

Preparation of Lakshmi Puja

It is a religious ritual performed on Diwali.

Top 10 tips for preparing for Diwali in Hindi Top 10 tips for preparing for Diwali in Hindi
This ritual calls for divine blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

During Lakshmi Puja, you will recite mantras and prepare to perform dry fruits and wealth.
Play the game Among the most popular games played during Diwali are arcade games, sard, parcel bypass, musical chair and scavenger hunt.

Gather your friends and get the most out of your competitive side.

Buy a gift for your siblings

The relationship of harassing you or your sister is very important in Hindu culture.
During Diwali, it is customary to buy other gifts or cook other meals.

So when you go shopping, don’t forget to buy something special for your brothers!

Delhi: Go shopping at Diwali Market

Diwali is the most popular time of year shopping, and special Diwali markets and exhibitions are held all over Delhi. INA is famous in the Diwali market for its Daily Hat festival. If you are interested in unique or unusual crafts, do not miss the annual Dasti festival of Diwali fair. Diwali Carnival has been going on in the upcoming Sundar Nagar district of Delhi for more than 50 years. The Blind School also holds a huge annual Diwali mile.

The Oberoi is located on Lodhi Road near the hotel, which comes to Matka Market in South Delhi to cater to all your Diwali decorating needs. You will find a wonderful collection of colorful pottery and pots there. However, you should be aware that during Diwali in Delhi the air quality unfortunately reaches dangerous levels. Therefore, if you are sensitive to air pollution, you may prefer to avoid visiting the city at this time of year or carrying a good pollution mask.

The main door of the building is very important in Vastu. It is also called reception door. So, lighting, lighting, decoration, and lamps decorating the main door during the Deep Festival is like inviting and welcoming the right energy. Yes, remember that there are no holes and cracks in the main door and there is no sound in the opening and closing. The door with the exquisite symbol is helpful in inviting Lakshmi.

It is necessary to leave the old and unusable stuff before inviting Lakshmi. Freedom from waste is directly related to economic progress.


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Top 10 tips for preparing for Diwali in English
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