Best freelancing websites for 2020

So you’re looking for freelance work in 2020, well here are seven freelance websites where you can kick-start your freelance career so the first freelance website well look at is called freelancer. Its a great place to find freelance work online. So lets see how it works, so on freelancer you can find any type of work you like and typically there are small jobs large jobs and anything in between you can work for fixed price or hourly projects.

The jobs are both international and local however some jobs might require specific skills work to a certain price and to a certain deadline to get started on freelancer com. You just need to complete your profile and you go through the verification check list then you browse jobs that suit your skills expertise the money you want to earn and the amount of time you’ve got to spend. Then you have to place your bid on the project and if the client likes your profile don’t give you the job you do the work and when you finish you get paid. So is a great place to start your freelancing career.

lets take a look at some other freelancing websites is another popular freelancing website. It was originally oDesk and Elance but they join together and now provide this powerful website for freelancers. So lets see how it works, so upwork is a great place to find more clients and run and grow your own freelance business.

You’ve got the freedom to work on the projects you like and there’s a wide variety of projects paying top price for great work and the great thing. About up work is because of the volume of freelance jobs they have you can get hired quickly. And with upwork you have the freedom of flexibility to control when where and how you work.

There’s even a great mobile app to help you manage the communications with your clients and because of work has been established in this business for quite some time you get paid on time all invoices and payments happen through upwords and this hourly and fixed price projects and there’s multiple ways to get paid either direct deposit PayPal or even a wire transfer. So how does upwork get paid well they charge a service fee to freelancers so depending on how many freelance jobs you’ve done it might be anywhere between 20% and 5%.

Lets take a look at a different type of freelancing website its called 99designs. If you’re into graphical design and you like making things logos websites even book covers well 99designs might be perfect for you. So the way 99designs works is you tell them what you need designed and there’s a couple of ways your clients will engage with you.

They’ll either hire a designer directly based on your profile or they’ll start a contest where you can enter with your submission and the winner gets paid. So there’s plenty of design work on 99designs. If you’re a graphical designer and need some freelance work well maybe 99designs is perfect for you.

Another common website for freelancers is a Fiverr. Now I have covered fiber freelance jobs extensively before but these types of jobs are pretty easy to complete and previously Fiverr was only a $5 job, but now the prices range up into thousands so you can use Fiverr to find work online. And as they say there’s a gig purchased every three seconds and I’ll leave a link up there and you can check out some easy Fiverr freelance gigs.

Another popular freelance web site is called They have got over three million members worldwide. And have completed over a million jobs, So there’s plenty of work around on and here are some of the skills you might need as a freelancer.

For programmers and developers designers and artists writers and translators sales and marketing gurus admins and secretaries engineers and architects business and finance gurus and even lawyers can find freelance work on

Now if you’re looking for high-end freelance work well top tool is probably the place you want to be and they only hire the top 3% of freelance talent. You can go ahead and apply as a freelancer you’ll need a pretty solid resume but you can expect to get paid at above market rates.

So for our seventh freelance website lets have a quick look at Cloud peeps. Cloud peeps is pretty new to the freelance scene but they’ve had over 20,000 customers in 150 countries and there’s some great freelance type work. Social media content growth building communities SEO copy writing public relations even admin.

So how does cloud peeps work, well clients list jobs and you apply for them or they can find you directly via your profile so who can sign up to cloud peeps well anyone in 25 countries that they currently serve and typically those countries support stripe payouts. Its free to sign up but if you have an additional paid subscription well you get reduced service fees on jobs.

You have the ability to submit more proposals and you’ll get access to a private group of top freelancers. So what will you be paid on cloud peeps. Well its ultimately up to you and your client to discuss you can set the price and if you both agree, well that is your rate.

Lets have a look at some common freelance rates that you could work for. If you’re a social media expert and content creator it could be anywhere between thirty and fifty dollars an hour marketers will get fifty to seventy-five and designers sixty to eighty but if you’re a pro peep and have a subscription.

Well you could earn more of course there’s also fixed these for virtual assistants social media managers and content marketers. There’s also one-time fees for blog posts public relations and promotions and web design and development. So here is my top seven of freelance websites for 2020. And if you’ve got any other freelance websites that you want to share. well then leave them in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article. Bye for now

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Best freelancing websites for 2020
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