Top 5 Free Software’s Download Sites

Hey guys in this article I’m going to tell you five sites from where you can download software’s for free. So without further a do lets begin the first site.

1. Ninite


First website is Ninite the thing I like about this site is that instead of downloading the software individually it gives you an option to select the software’s from the lists you can do just the check mark and select the different software which you want to download. And from once you’re done with all these software’s you can just click the get your knight and it will download the Installer and once you will run that installer. It will install all those programs which you have checked marked. So that’s the best thing I like about this site. And the additional feature is that its not only an installer it is also an update so it will also update your software.

So before going to the next site just to have a look of the categories which is the sites offers although there are not many circuits but all the prime major software’s. You will find in the categories of web browsers messaging media imaging documents antiviruses file sharing. There are other utilities and the software’s comparison of heads. So the next time which I want to show you from when you in doubt of these software’s.

2. Softpedia


So this is Softpedia here is about million software’s which you can download from this site in the categories windows driver schemes you can download the Mac software Android. Apks are also available so this site is hasn’t as a good data bank and the important thing is that it it is safe to download.

3. Filehippo


This site is from this site you can download more than 30,000 programs in the different categories. The Windows and Mac software’s and the categories are about 18 categories which are depicted over here. The two important things about the site one that they claim that there are no more waves and the software you will download would be ad and viruses free and they also claim that you would not be downloading any additional bundles and they would not install any toolbar which is second good thing about this site is that you can download a file a pro app manager.

This app engine once you have downloaded and virtual run it will scan all the software’s which are installed on your computer and are available on this site and if they are not updated it will automatically update your software’s on it. Please go tell you that which software’s are not operated so in this value your short version will be updated without for you to go into the details of individual checking each software for their updates.

4. Download.cnet

Download.cnet it is also commonly known as the town or calm this is the my favourite website to download the software. I have personally downloaded software’s from this site for since many years. And I have never had a complaint on any software the only thing about this app is that once you are installing the app you need to assess, because this site to install the additional programs while you are accepting the terms and conditions. So you need to consciously install the software anyways it does not install the harmful software. So this is also the good side to download the software you can check out. You can download this software for Windows iOS Android and Mac from this site.

5. Filehorse

Last site which I want to tell you for downloading the software is called the filehorse. For the distinctive feature of this website is better other than having the bulk of unwanted and low-quality software’s. This site focuses on the quality software’s and because of that you will find a limited amount of software’s on this website. I think around 20,000 or so software’s are available on this site. But it will fulfill all the major programs you want to install these are Windows Mac and the web applications. So these are the five sites from which you can download the free software and then we make how-to tutorials for Windows Android and we also bring to you the interesting websites. Just like this article, so if you’re interested consider don’t forget to like and share this article.

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Top 5 Free Software Download Sites
Hey guys in this article I'm going to tell you five sites from where you can download software's for free. So without further a do lets begin.
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