Leaf Bolt Earphones Review: Good Or Not

Hey whats going on everybody its Delhi Technical Hindi Blog here and in this blog,I’ll give you my review of the leaf bolt earphones and well see if they are any good.

So before I talk anything about these earphones,lets dive straight into the unboxing of these earphones first.

So here is the Amazon packet and if I quickly shake it off,here we have the retail packaging of the leaf bolt itself. Here it says leaf bolt, wired earphones and below that it says metallic build and leather wire.

Now here we can see an image of the leaf bolt itself and it also says the base which we will test out in few minutes.but for now we can also see it says premium by the earphones and 3.5 mm gold plated jack.

Now moving to the back of the box we can also see that earphones are sitting nicely in the package. And below that we can also see the maximum retail price of this earphones which is 999.

As like any other earphones we also get a one-year warranty for any damage.Now on the last side it says inline remote control, hands-free mic and calls,extra earbuds, lightweight, premium leather cable, stereo sound and in-ear Comfort.

So that’s it for the readings on the box and now lets quickly shake this off again and see what we get inside it.So inside the box we get the earphones itself.

As of first impression they feel very lightweight and small in size.but lets put this aside for a moment and see what else do we have here.

So here we have some extra ear tips for precise fit,some user manuals but we don’t need it I guess.So that was a quick unboxing of the Leaf bolt and now lets move to the review of these earphones.

Now lets start from the design of these earphones.They look like just any other earphones except they are very tiny in size then what you’re used to see.

If you compare this to any other your phones they look very small.Other than that the leaf bolt is also very lightweight earphones, weighing around 11 grams.So you would hardly notice there in your ears.

Also the earphones are very comfortable to wear and if it tightly in the ears Now also talking about the cable the cable is of standard 1.2 meter length and it is leather braided cable.Also the cable is very decent looking in terms of build quality.

One thing I do want to mention here is that the cable is fine but I don’t know why I’m a bit skeptical about it.But when you pick up the cable it feels like its going to fray in few more months but for now its okay.

Other than the cable the earphones look solid and with the metallic earbuds I think its going to last quite a longtime with me even with rough handling.

Moving on the old scanner multifunction button to play/pause, Google assistant or Siri, answering calls and changing songs.but you can only go to the next song not the previous one.

Now along with button we do get an inline my to answer calls,speaking of which this is the quality of the inline mic.

So those were the things that you can ignore for a second but lets talk about but we cannot overlook which is sound quality.

Now the earphones have a 12 millimeter driver and it produces a good frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20 kilohertz but in terms of sound I would say they are very decent sounding earphones.

In my experience I found that they produce excellent bass frequencies.I would say the clearest and powerful bass I’ve ever heard in an earphone like this. But when it comes to mid and high frequencies they fall apart.

The vocals and other instruments like synth, electric guitar or anything with high frequencies are very unclear.You will have a hard time finding those in the song but if you only want to listen to bass heavy songs like those head bangers then you can give them a shot.

But for acoustic pop and rock, this is something you shouldn’t consider.Instead, you should go with something like a JBL C200si or the sennheiser CX 180.

And I also did a comparison video of both of these earphones which you can find in the top right corner in the info card.So the last thing I want to talk about in this video is the pricing of these earphones.

So the leaf bolt is priced at 899 rupees but you can always find lightning deals and you can get these earphones for 799 rupees from the links down below in the description.

As far as the pricing goes I think they are a bit on the pricey side.For 800-900 rupees you can get a really good pair of earphones like the JBL C200si or the CX 180.

So that was today’s blog hope you guys enjoy this and if you did click like button below. Share this article with your friends. And I’ll catch you guys in the next one!

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