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Hey guys this is Delhi Technical Hindi Blog today we will tell you about Learning a new language on Android devices? If the language uses a different alphabet or slang that is not your primary language, you may need to add a new software keyboard to your phone.

Fortunately, Google’s standard Gboard keyboard contains a stack of language-related keyboards; In the final count, it offered over 500 languages ​​on 40 different writing systems.

If you already have Gboard installed in the US, you are already set up with US English. But adding one or more new keyboards and quickly switching from one language to another is not difficult. One or more of the many languages ​​available here should be installed and used.

First, you need to go to the “Languages” page. There are actually many ways to do this.

Two of those methods are your Gboard keyboard. Go to the app that uses the keyboard (such as email or chat) and tap on the area that you can type. After that, you can:

Long press on the spacebar. This brings up the “Change Keyboard” pop-up menu; Press “Language Settings” to go to the correct page.

Or you can tap on the “Open Features” sign at the top of the keyboard and then on the three dots on the right. Select “Settings”> “Languages”.

You can also access the page from your Android device’s main settings menu. From the settings:

Select “System”
Select “Language and Input”> “Virtual Keyboard”> “Gboard”> “Languages”

Once you get to the “language” page, you can add a new language:

Click “Add Keyboard” at the bottom of the page
Scroll to the language you want to add and tap. (This is a long list, so you can save some time by using the search icon at the top right of the screen.) If you are using a recent language-learning or other language-related application, you can only do them first if you want to be at the top of the “suggested languages”.

For each language, you can select from a wide variety of keyboards on the screen. (For example, you can choose the QWERTY or Dvorak keyboard.) Most of the instruction is first, but you can swipe to see what others have available.

On the same page under “Language Settings”, you can refer to the words of more than one language as you type. (It depends on what language you are adding.)
When you’re done, hit the “Done” button.

You will be brought back to the “Language” page, where you will see a new language listed. Leave the page and press the left arrow in the upper left corner.

Now you will see the name of the keyboard in the space bar. (If you start multilingual typing, you’ll see abbreviations of the two language names.) Also, instead of emoji symbols, there is a globe icon on the left side of the keyboard. (The emoji icon is now accessed by a long press on the comma key.)

To change languages, tap the geography; Your keyboard will move to the next line. You can long-press the spacebar and select your desired language from the pop-up menu.

If you no longer use one of your languages, and you want to remove it from the list:

Long press the spacebar to get the “Change Keyboard” menu.
Click “Language Settings”.
Swipe left to find the language you no longer need and remove it.

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